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idhoca ti permitet de àere apodosos, mallieddas o poster personalizados. idhoca ti podet agiudare a megiorare sa bidea chi tenes in conca. Ti podet dare paritzos consìgios tècnicos e estèticos pro creare una gràfica chi ti rapresentet.

Boles una malliedda, un'apodosu, una cartuledda o unu poster cun una pintura disignada de a tie? No istentes, iscrie-nos luego e t'amus a narrer cumente fàghere!



idhoca gives you the chance to personalize stickers, t-shirts, cards and posters. Idhoca can help you to better realize the image you have in mind. It can give you technical and aesthetic suggestions to create graphics that better express your ideas.

Do you want a sticker,a t-shirt, a card or a poster drawn by yourself? Don't hesitate! Write us quickly and we'll tell you how to do it!

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